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Nov 27

Radio Killed The Music Star: How Does Radio Overplay Effect Music? →

Hey Everyone! So this week I had to watch a CBC Documentary for class called, The End. It discussed The End of media formats that we have come to love… one specific idea was the shift away from…

Nov 26

New Paramore Video: Brick By Boring Brick →

Hey Everyone! I have a newer music video for your viewing pleasure today. Its the latest single off Paramore’s album Brand New Eyes called Brick By Boring Brick. The video is more visually ambitious…

Nov 25

American Music Awards Pt.2 →

Hey Everyone! Ok so welcome to part two of my AMA review. This time, I’m going to focus on the performances of the night. From Janet Jackson to Adam Lambert’s “grand finale”, the night was…

Nov 25

Bamboozle Festival Understands Economic Pressures →

Hey Everyone! Alright, this is kind of exciting news for me personally because I have ALWAYS wanted to go down to New Jersey on the first weekend of May for this… the Bamboozle Festival. Three days…

Nov 25

Weezer ft. Sara Bareilles Live On Jimmy Kimmel →

Hey Everyone! So the other night, Weezer took their new album to the Jimmy Kimmel show… and it was kind of great. I think so anyways. Weezer have enlisted singer Sara Bareilles to not only be part…

Nov 24

It's The End Of The World As We Know It... For Media Anyways →

Hey Everyone! IMPORTANT NOTE: A while back some of you may remember that I posted a video response blog for my class. Well, this is another one of those entries. Its about the CBC News World Piece…

Nov 23

Hedley's "Cha Ching"- A Little Too Close To Reality? →

Hey Everyone! Anyone else find this some what entertaining? Because I certainly do. I was listening to the radio when Hedley’s “Cha Ching” came on. The DJ talked about the music video, I’m not a…

Nov 23

Life On Repeat Cover Miley Cyrus' Party In The USA! →

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share this with you… not bad in my opinion. Life On Repeat, a five piece pop rock group from Salisbury, MD, have posted a cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA”. The…

Nov 23

American Music Awards Pt.1 →

Hey Everyone! So as a music nut, I often feel compelled to sit through three hour award shows that I cant stand. From the over the top performances to the favoritism in award presentations, its all…

Nov 23

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